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Tired of Cold Floors?

Insulating your rim joist can improve your floor’s comfort.

Just below the floor sits an important, yet possibly unfamiliar component of your home: the rim joists.

Simply put, the rim joists are where floorboards sit on top of your foundation with an outside rim board holding it all together. They’re also a major source of heat loss in your home, heat loss that ultimately increases your home’s energy costs.

That’s because rim joists often allow in drafts, which then creep through your home into walls and holes created by plumbing and electrical equipment. When your rim joist isn’t insulated, you will also experience cold floors.

Now that you’re aware don’t despair. We have a simple solution: foam insulation is the perfect fit to seal in this space. The foam creates a tight air seal around any gap or cracks. It also seals the bottom plate to the concrete wall or block foundation.

No more drafts. Higher comfort. Lower energy bills.

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Our Homeowners Say

We had both open cell and closed cell installations. Rex, our salesman, was great and super easy to work with. Tara (in the office) also was really good at scheduling the appointment. The open cell crew (Joel, Chris, Alex and Manny) worked continuously to finish the job in one day. We are looking to have the walls of our 1920 home injected next year, now that we have the attic, rim joists in the basement and our pole barn finished. I won’t need to shop around or get additional quotes. I’ll just call Indiana Spray Foam. Their service, work and price can’t be beat!! Thank you!!

Todd C.

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