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 What is the install process for an existing home?

Watch this short video to learn about the process we take to insulate existing homes, and what you can expect from the estimate to the install. More information is below.

After contacting us to schedule a free quote, we will arrive on the scheduled day and review your home, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with an estimate for insulating your home.

After deciding to insulate your home, we will get you on the install schedule.

The foreman will begin the install day by meeting with you and reviewing the scope of work.

If old insulation needs to be removed from the attic or crawl space areas, we will remove that first.

We use spray foam in open areas of the home such as the attic, crawl space, rim joist, and open studded walls. Injection foam insulation is used in enclosed cavities like existing exterior or interior walls.

If the house has aluminum, steel or vinyl siding, we remove a row of siding, then we drill a 3” hole in each stud space cavity around the perimeter of the house and insert a tube to fill each stud space cavity up with foam. We then plug the hole and replace the siding to make it look as it did before we got there.

For a brick exterior, our installers drill small holes through the mortar joints to inject the insulation. After insulating we match the mortar the best we can and re-mortar the holes. No brick is removed in the process.

If we are not able to inject the foam from the outside of the home, we can do it through drywall or plaster, but the homeowner is responsible for repairing, patching holes and painting.

Once the crew has completed the installation, the foreman will review the work with you to sign off on and answer any further questions. Once we process the paperwork, you will receive a certificate for our lifetime warranty that covers our workmanship and product.

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If you have any questions about insulating your home, business, pole barn or would like to schedule an estimate, please call our office at 888-936-3626.

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